'F ind me.' Her appeal filtered through the veil between worlds.

'Find her.' The charge was given to him in the immortal world.

‘A Review of Lives, Opening the Record of Heaven’, goes beyond simple afterlife beliefs. Visions of an Immortal world with an intruiging and complex former life are recalled from the Underworld. Drell, a member of the Immortal peaceful brotherhood, and his companion Issabare, embark on a quest to rescue Syril, trapped in bondage to Ilbis, the Lord of the Underworld.

Welcome to the world of Drell’s wanderings. In the Immortal world he sees the transmigration of spirit souls, visits the Tree of Knowledge, where his understanding expands too quickly. As a student at Universe City, he influences a major decision in a brotherhood council, experiences a laboratory dedicated to developing the power of divine voice. In the Underworld Drell and Issabare are swept into the mind of the greatest diabolical personage ever known.

Personages of Light and Darkness affect Syril’s release, with help from a noble Enlightened One. Restoration of immortal memories brings interesting surprises and possibilities! 'A Review of Lives', may stimulate recall of your own, former life memories of precious Immortal relationships.

The Chapters

1. Departure   2. Veils of Arimethea   3. Reawakening   4. Shaefaris

5. Valley of Mahaeel   6. Descent   7. Meeting Her   8. Early Life and Games

9. The Meridian House   10. Dancer   11. Tree of Knowledge

12. Lord of the Underworld    13. Artist   14. Priestess

15. Universe City    16. The Council    17. Palace of Good Tidings

18. Magician   19. Nautilus   20. Father’s Interview

21. Garden of Two Fires   22. Corridor of Aknaton

             A Review of Lives
              ~   The Record of Heaven

                 by R Lee Cook

    A vision of immortal rediscovery
        ... for a new spiritual age

        Published by Sourced Media Books
        ISBN–13: 978-1-945431-03-6

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